Welcome To L.N. College Wadegaon


Adv. Anil Ingle
(Founder / President)

Wadegaon is village of movement ,
There was a truth seeker movement here in the pre-independence period. As the center of the Dalit movement, even today there is a special focus on villages in Wadegaon. Even today the movement of Phule, Shahu, Ambedkari ideas is alive here in political, social and religious form. We are blessed to have the opportunity of higher education in such a village as our Bodhisatva Bhauuddhesiya Education Society. The current president of the organization Adv. Anil Laxmanrao Ingle provided the facility of higher education in such a village.
But for this, everyone's cooperation is necessary. Without people's participation, we cannot run this educational institution.

Education is the medium of social change. Recognizing this, Dr. Babasaheb facilitated higher education in Marathwada. Keeping this in view, we intend to provide educational services to the rural students of Wadegaon area of Vidarbha through this institution.

Education is the third eye. Recognized by a great man who was a scholar like Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Give us a chance. That's the expectation.


Dr. P.A. Ingle

M.Sc., Ph.D.,SET

Principal Message:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which can use to change the world”.
Dear students, today's era is very fast technological and multifaceted. As straightforward and convenient as it is complicated and beset with various problems. To get out of such a situation, only our developed personality gives us strength. Social Work course is a part of the social science discipline. According to this, social work is comprehensive course includes sociological and psychological and humanitarian background.

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