Run by Bodhisatva Bhauuddhesiya Education Society, WASHIM

  • Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct (Handbooks) For Various Stakeholders

This code of conducts (handbooks) for various stakeholders and professional ethic are as per UGC guidelines. The Job responsibilities of various stakeholders are as follows.

A) Job Responsibilities of Principal
  1. Provide inspirational and motivational value-based academic and executive leadership to the college through policy formation, operational management, organization of human resources and concern for environment and sustainability.
  2. Conduct himself/herself with transparency, fairness, honesty, highest degree of ethics and decision making that is in the best interest of the college.
  3. Act as steward of the college’s assets in managing the resources responsibility, optimally, effectively and efficiently for providing a conductive working and learning environment;
  4. Promote the collaborative, shared and consultative work culture in the college, paving way for innovative thinking and ideas.
  5. Endeavour to promote a work culture and ethics that brings about quality, professionalism, satisfaction and service to the nation and society
  6. Participate in extension, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, including the community service;
B) Job Responsibilities of Head of Department
  1. The prime role of the Head of the Department is to provide strong academic leadership.
  2. The Head of Department is required to lead, manage and develop the department to ensure it achieves the highest possible standards of excellence in all its activities.
  3. Maintain the general discipline of the students and staff of the Department
  4. To oversee the smooth functioning of the department and ensuring consistent provision for academic ambiance.
  5. Responsible for designing the regulations, curriculum, syllabi and workload.
C) Job Responsibilities of Assistant Professor
  1. Perform their duties in the form of teaching, tutorials, practical’s, seminars and research work, conscientiously and with dedication.
  2. Seek to make professional growth continuous through study and research.
  3. Express free and frank opinion by participation at professional meetings, seminars, conferences etc., towards the contribution of knowledge.
  4. Maintain active membership of professional organizations and strive to improve education and profession through them.
  5. Co-operate and assist in carrying out the functions relating to the educational responsibilities of the college and the university, such as: assisting in appraising applications for admission, advising and counseling students as well as assisting the conduct of university and college examinations, including supervision, invigilation and evaluation.
D) Job Responsibilities of Librarian
  1. Selecting developing, cataloguing and classifying library resources.
  2. Develop, implement, evaluate, and maintain library strategies and policies in consultation with pupils and staff that fully reflect the educational aims and objectives of the College.
  3. Guide and assist pupils and teaching staff to make the best use of the library services and facilities within the College.
  4. Liaise with Heads of Subject to develop a stock selection policy.
  5. Arrange library resources and materials in a way that promotes effective retrieval, including the systematic indexing and classification.
E) Job Responsibilities of Physical Director
  1. To administrate physical education and promote good health of students to build they fit.
  2. To keep record of sports equipment’s as well as supervise the all athletic activities.
  3. To encourage the students for participation in various sports and also promote team play.
  4. To train the assistance about regular activities.
  5. To arrange the tournaments, competitions and events.
F) Job Responsibilities of Lab Attendant
  1. Arranging the equipment’s as per practical schedule.
  2. Cleaning the laboratory and placed equipment’s properly.
  3. Work performed which are assigned by head of department and departmental faculty.
G) Job Responsibilities of Examination Officer
  1. To organize all works related to University and college level examinations such as preparation of supervision chart, exam duties etc.
  2. To correspond with University regarding University Examinations, result of students, students complaints regarding examination.
  3. To help students in filling the examination forms, revaluation forms and reverification forms to be submitted to the University.
  4. To collect the result of examination and its distribution.
  5. To submit online / offline internal and intensive marks.
  6. Any other duties assigned by the Principal.
H) Job Responsibilities of Clerk
  1. Respond to written and verbal inquiries from students regarding college admission procedures, admission tests and results.
  2. Type and format correspondence such as letters, memos, and reports.
  3. Maintain paper and electronic records such as staff and student information.
  4. Ensure that all staff and student information is kept confidential.
I) Job Responsibilities of Peon
  1. Work and duty performed which are assigned by higher authorities of college.
  2. Cleaning of classroom, office and entire college campus.
J) Code of Conduct for Students
  1. Each student should behave sincerely in the college. He / She should behave politely with the teachers, non-teaching staff members, and the staff in the library & with the co-students. If the students have any problem they should meet the principal or the vice-principal of the college.
  2. Uniform (Dress code) and Identity Card is compulsory for each student in college campus.
  3. Students should have park their vehicles in the place allotted to them.
  4. Students should not wander in the college campus by bunking the classes and practical’s.
  5. Smoking, drinking and chewing ‘gutkha’ is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  6. Chewing tobacco & beetle leaf and throwing clutter in the college campus is strictly prohibited.
  7. Students should not click photographs in the college campus & avoid the use of cell phone strictly.
  8. Students are prohibited from bringing any such weapons in the college which would physically harm others.
  9. Students are strictly prohibited to scribble anything on the walls of the classroom & of the toilet. If such a thing happens students will be severely punished.
  10. Student should not damage the benches, tables, chairs, fans & lights in the classroom as well as the things in the campus. If such a thing happens student will be severely punished & compensation should be taken from them.
  11. Students are strictly prohibited from making noise in the college campus communicating in the reading room and standing in the porch of the college.
  12. The rules of the office and the library are mandatory for each student.
  13. Students should not organize picnic on their own without the permission of the Principal and the Vice Principal.
K) Code of Conduct for Parents
  1. Parents should monitor the progress of their wards.
  2. Parents should always keep in touch with the institution.
  3. Parents should be present for the Parent Meet.